Okay okay… you get to see a lot more than DA will in a while but only because I love you guys so much.

And no lies.. DeannaxCastielle is quickly growing on me -mostly thanks to art by Lalalettie. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have event thought of fem!Cas and fem!Dean until seeing her work. It also helps that my wife cosplayed Deanna after much begging, crying and pleading. I mean… real pleading. I had to ask our Samantha to talk her into it. And what a surprise, it worked! She just has those… puppy eyes you can’t say no to…. anyway. My wifu wasn’t horribly opposed to it; she’s just not as IN to it as me and our Sammy are (read: obsessive).

Moving along! I’ll post some good ol’ DeanxCas and CasxDeanna and DeanxCastielle later but only after they’ve posted their pictures somewhere. As it is, I’m giving away too much XD!

Also… the last photo… is basically how I feel about all DeanxCas related things. lol Mmmm my fandom and all of its feels. Much love for you guys!

Original Fem!Cas and Fem!Dean designs based on art by Lalalettie! Who is… just amazing. Please check her out :D

Photos by Blackfruitbat and Masa-kocha.

Deanna cosplay by My Wife
Cas cosplay by Admantius
Castielle cosplay by Me
Castielle Make up and the Hand Print by Dean (yes. yes you can laugh over that like I did).

More cuteness! I love the last one!

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